Property sales in Allensmore, Hereford and Worcester

Based on sales in the past year, the average property price in Allensmore, Hereford and Worcester is £497,500 which is £216,339 higher than the UK average of £281,161. Last year in 2022 property prices in Allensmore increased 30.1% from 2021.

Total property sales have increased with 6 sales in 2022 compared to 1 in 2021, a difference of +5.

- Average Detached Price
- Average Semi-Detached Price
- Average Terraced Price
- Average Flat Price

📏 Allensmore surrounding area prices



Avg price £281,574
Total sales 386
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Avg price £284,542
Total sales 155
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Avg price £313,526
Total sales 76
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Avg price £253,247
Total sales 67